The Product

At Jeffrey Adams Photography, I include the purchase of the Digital Files on CD/DVD for most sessions. The Discs include low resolution jpegs of ALL the images from your session, a few of your favorite images edited with both high resolution and low resolution, a digitized copy of the Release for printing, and personalized packaging. All of the images on your disc have been Color Corrected and Formatted to the printing size of your choice (4×6, 5×7, 8×10, etc.) For an additional fee, you can have additional editing and retouching done to any image.

The packaging is professional and resembles a DVD that you buy in a store. You don’t want a blank disc with your name written in Sharpie that will get mixed in with all your other discs and lost. I believe that your most cherished memories should be treated with dignity and respect, and the packaging reflects this attitude. The packaging is personalized, so the cover includes your name, date of the session, and has a few of the images printed on the front and back cover (as well as a couple on the disc itself). The backside of the packaging also includes a Release explaining that you have purchased “Private Usage” of the images, and includes my contact information should your lab have any questions.

Once you have the disc of images from your session, you are free to print as many pictures as you want from any lab or printing service that you choose. Also, you can drop the files onto a thumb-drive and view them on your Digital Picture Frame and enjoy them all. Got family out of town? Upload the Low Resolution files to your favorite Social Media Site (Photobucket, Flick’r, MySpace, etc.) and share them with the whole family, no matter where they live. Once you have the disc you are free to create any product you want using your images (Books, Calendars, Canvas Prints, Holiday Cards, Christmas Ornaments, Wedding Announcements or Invitations, etc.), as long as the material you create is for your own Personal Usage. Feel free to get as creative as you want, that’s what I’m here for!!

All of my customers get additional benefits when it comes to printing your favorite images from your session. First, I partner with a local lab that does excellent printing work and if you decide to have your images printed there you will get your prints at a discounted rate. Second, some customers may need advice or recommendations for online printing, or just instructions on how to have images printed using the internet. No problem. Whether its the name of a company that produces affordable canvas prints, or just questions about “how to make this technology stuff work for me and not against me”, I will do everything I can to help you get the best product at the best possible price. At Jeffrey Adams Photography, I not only want to deliver you the best image at the best price, but also help you to understand the modern maze that is Digital Imaging, what your options are, and where to create the product you want at an affordable price. This is just another way that Jeffrey Adams Photography helps to “Empower Your Creativity”.