The “File Purchase” Advantage

Photography has gone through drastic changes since I got my first job in a photo lab almost 20 years ago, and the vast majority of these changes have taken place in the last 5-10 years.  Many photographers, for one reason or another, are hesitant to fully embrace the changing world of photography.

I started Jeffrey Adams Photography to fully embrace the “Digital Revolution” that photography is going through.  I operate as a “File Purchase” photography business, which means that the price you are quoted includes the cost of the session, the editing of the images, and the purchase of the “Digital Negatives”.  The files are delivered to you on a disc with professional & personalized packaging, and the disc is mailed to you within 1 month of the session.  With your disc you get a release that states that you have purchased “Personal Usage” rights for the images, and can make as many prints as you want–anywhere you want.  The files on the disc can also be uploaded to any Social Media website you like, to share with family & friends that live out of town.  The files can also be put onto a thumb-drive & viewed on a digital picture frame.

There are literally thousands of web-sites on the internet offering specialty & novelty gifts items made from your photos.  Once you have purchased the file from your session/event, you are free to make any product you want–from any site or service you want to use.  This is the File Purchase Advantage, and it helps you get a quality product at a rate that ultimately saves you money!!!

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